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What will you think about during the long and difficult climb to Naudech? Don't worry, from the top, the views of the surrounding area, especially the village of Vieussan, are very beautiful. And, after the Col de Naudech, the route evolves on large tracks, sometimes on open ground with the wind blowing the windmills not far away, or in the middle of pastures where horses graze, as towards Rodomouls.

500 million years ago... Living at the bottom of a cold sea, at that time beyond the 60th parallel south, the large trilobites of our region constituted one of the most representative groups of marine invertebrates of the primary seas.  Numerous fossils have been found in the shales around you.

Shortly before Rodomouls, four wind turbines roll up their blades on the heights overlooking the commune of Riols and the Jaur valley. Commissioned in 2004, this wind farm provides the annual consumption of nearly 1,000 households and brings additional resources to Riols and the Saint-Pons-de-Thomières intermunicipality.

Seuls les partenaires de l'office du tourisme figurent sur le site. Une liste exhaustive peut être fournie sur demande. Les prix et descriptifs sont donnés à titre indicatif sur la base des informations fournies par les prestataires.

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