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Fairly easy, this first section of the southern branch of the Réseau Vert ® will make you see all the colours! It offers, indeed, beautiful views of the red earth - the ruffes - of Salagou and crosses former bauxite quarries, which the minerals present in the rock colour in ochre, red, white or yellow.
The vegetation is in tune with this festival, alternating holm oaks, arbutus, tree heathers and boxwood.
In Bédarieux, La Tour-sur-Orb, Carlencas and Pézènes-les-Mines, bauxite quarries were exploited during the first three quarters of the 20th century. Aluminium does not exist in a pure state; natural elements containing it must be broken down to obtain it. These include bauxites, clayey rocks that contain a high percentage of oxidised aluminium. They are also rich in iron oxide, which gives them a red colour typical of the region's landscapes.

This village is famous for its chickpeas, of which it is the leading regional producer. Their special character is linked to the volcanic rock on which they are grown. There is a geological discovery trail starting from the village called "sentier des volcans" (volcanoes path).


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