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Discovery Trail Gorges Heric Mons la Trivalle

At the heart of the Natural Park of Haut Languedoc, in the mountain of Caroux ... is a unique place ...

Whether hikers, climbers or just lovers remarkable landscapes ... discover this exceptional natural site!
Gorges HericA from Mons-la-Trivalle, head to the parking Gorges Heric. Paid parking on Easter weekend of April 15 to September 15: € 3 car / 1 motorcycle € 50 / € 5 camper (authorized parking for 3 days). You find there are picnic tables, toilets, water points ... Sandwiches and drinks as well as snacks Heric parking.

The walk up to Heric is on foot, in 5 km and 315 m of elevation gain.
It takes about 1:30 walking normally, 2h including the necessary breaks to observations. The Return by the same route (about 3 hours round trip). A family walk, accessible with strollers.
With an interpretive trail, you discover the richness and diversity of fauna and flora. Signs inform you, questioning ... Find the answers in the "Gorges Heric booklet" as well as additional information on the geology, the creek and history of the site. This booklet is on sale in the € 3 3 home points of the Tourist Office. Think about it before you go on the site of the Gorges Heric!

Many walks are possible from the site, the "Sentier des Gardes", accessible from the bridge of Sighs, it allows you to reach the viewpoint of Caroux in 2h30 (Attention vertical drop: 800m D +) . We advise you to leave with a detailed map.  


Some tips before leaving ...
- Wear comfortable shoes.
- Take a small backpack containing, according to the season: sweater, windproof clothing, hat and sunglasses. In any case, a bottle of water, some snacks and your mobile phone.
- Remember to take your camera.
- Be careful (rock falls are possible in the winter during the thaw or can be caused by the passage of sheep).
The massive Caroux also numerous climbing rocks, sites "school" to "adventure playground", through the equipped paths.
You find descriptions, difficulty level, detailed sketches in the Caroux climbing topo CAF Beziers.
(On sale € 18.50 in the reception areas of the Tourist Office or directly to our online shop).

Since 1993, gorges Heric and a large part of Caroux massif are "classified site".
Gorges Heric is also a place for swimming (unsupervised).
Stroll over the stream, to discover the many waterfalls and caves. Enjoy the beautiful days to cool off in natural pools.
Join the charming hamlet Heric "typical" of the local architecture with small houses built of stone, its roofs covered with slate, her chestnut frames, cobbled narrow streets and terraced fields. Early morning or at dusk, you can have the chance to observe sheep, many in the Caroux. (The Corsican mouflon was introduced in the massif of Caroux in 1956 and is very well acclimatized in the average southern mountain area. It now has the largest population of France).

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