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For the powerful red wines of Languedoc, try the PDO wines Minervois, Minervois-La Livinière and Saint Chinian, Saint Chinian-Berlou and Saint Chinian-Roquebrun. For natural sweet wines, demand the famous "petit grains" muscat de St jean de Minervois. For more lively white wines, taste the wines of the upper Orb Valley. The range of rosés is quite wide.
The entire territory of the Minervois au Caroux in Haut-Languedoc benefits from the national label Vignobles & Découverte "Minervois, Saint-Chinain, Faugères" in order to highlight the wines, appellations and oenotourism offer of the terroirs.

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The vine also makes flowers.....
But so discreet that they go unnoticed.
However, in mid-June, their perfume invades the vines and reminds us of the very volatile scent of honeysuckle.

For a TASTING, meet the winegrowers who welcome you to the cellar : List of winegrowers

On Vieussan, Berlou, Roquebrun, grow wines in AOC Saint-Chinian
Between Prémian and Colombières.The along Jaur and the Orb at the foot of the mountain, there are the local wines of the Upper Valley of the Orb


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